Estate Planning

Although South Carolina is not a state where a living trust can avoid probate, trusts are still a helpful tool for anyone seeking to protect and control assets.

Dr. George Gatgounis utilizes assets protection trusts, offshore trusts, life insurance irrevocable trusts, children’s trusts and living trusts to best protect and govern assets. No one should be without a will, a living will, and an advanced health care power of attorney.

Dr. George Gatgounis takes the time necessary with clients to draft the right documents client’s need before a crisis. In a day when most Americans, at some point in their lives, will be sued, Dr. George Gatgounis utilizes the most advanced asset protection techniques preserve assets.

If one is sued, the time to have protected one’s assets is before the lawsuit is filed.


Advice and legal direction can be the most precious thing you need — especially in a crisis. Whether you are facing serious criminal charges, suffered a serious injury, or facing family and domestic issues, Gatgounis Law & Consulting Firm believes that you have a right to justice in a court of law. Whether your case is simple or complex, our experienced staff is here to help you. To set up an initial consultation about your individual case, call us at (843) DO IT LAW.