Child Custody

Family law can be the most grueling and emotionally devastating kind of law. Dr. George Gatgounis says, “People a hundred years ago would fight for God, religion, country, family, honor, and one’s name. Nowadays, people appear to fight only for money, power, and custody of kids.”

If you need someone to fight for your child custody, Dr. George Gatgounis is known as a child advocate, who loves children and seeks what is best for the child.


Advice and legal direction can be the most precious thing you need — especially in a crisis. Whether you are facing serious criminal charges, suffered a serious injury, or facing family and domestic issues, Gatgounis Law & Consulting Firm believes that you have a right to justice in a court of law. Whether your case is simple or complex, our experienced staff is here to help you. To set up an initial consultation about your individual case, call us at (843) DO IT LAW.