About | The Ohio River Scenic Byways Visitor Center
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Armory Square, Inc. invites you to visit the Ohio River Scenic Byways Visitor Center in the Armory at Marietta, Ohio. There will be two electronic kiosks for residents of Marietta and surrounding areas and for visitors of our historic city. The kiosk provides information about: (1) the Federal Ohio River Byway of which there are three sections in Ohio and the city of Marietta, which is in the middle of the central section at the confluence of the Ohio and Muskingum Rivers; (2) the historical significance of Marietta in American history; (3) tourist information on outdoor activities and what to see and do in Marietta; and (4) directories of local restaurants, hotels, shops, places of worship, businesses and non-profit organizations.
This website ArmorySquareInc.org is the online version of the Ohio River Scenic Byway Visitors Center kiosk.
Armory Square, Inc. is a 501c3 charitable organization.
As part of the renovation of the Armory in Marietta, Ohio the lower level, Phase 3 of the renovation, was funded in part by an Ohio Department of Transportation Scenic Byways Grant. The grant specified a Visitors Center, with among other things, two kiosks informing visitors about the area and the Federal Ohio River Scenic Byway, which passes through Marietta.
Armory Square, Inc. acquired funding for the center and kiosks from the Marietta Community Foundation and the Broughton’s Ice Cream Social.  As a charitable institution, Armory Square, Inc. approached the kiosk project as an educational tool for the economic development of citizens and businesses in the Marietta, Washington County area.
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